We are Quality Focussed :

At Neera Forgings, quality and customer focus is of utmost importance. We strongly believe in providing total customer satisfaction through excellence in product & process development, building quality into the process, proactive approach to quality issues, quick response to customer, cutting-edge technology & price competitiveness.

Some of the very recent initiatives are:

  • Continuous improvement using various methodology.
  • Robust manufacturing system in line with the best-in-class.

These are aimed at achieving enhanced customer satisfaction and world-class quality standards. In our journey towards excellence, we continue to meet the stringent requirement on a continuous basis.

Our quality systems have been designed to comply with the latest quality systems standard, ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


At Neera Forgings Testing Comprises of comprehensive mechanical testing facilities that include impact testing, tensile testing and non-destructive testing. The organization uses the most advanced equipment such as ultrasonic testing and highly sensitive mobile spectrometer, specialized dye penetrate and magnetic particle technique.